The Brisket was born on the Navigli in Milan as a true Texan Smokehouse. SmokeHouse literally translated means “House of smoke” and refers originally to structures dedicated to smoking or to treating meat with smoke. The smoking is characteristic of Texan cuisine and to learn all the techniques and secrets, we went directly to the place.
Lucas, partner and chef of the restaurant, spent a long time in Texas at the most famous clubs. Thanks to the welcome she received she was able to learn all the secrets by working directly in their kitchens. Today thanks to this unique experience we have managed to bring this extraordinary specialty to Milan: Brisket, and with it others learned on the spot.
The restaurant is warm and welcoming, with dark tones and soft lighting, with wooden finishes and tables. It rises in the middle of the suggestive Milanese Navigli context and aims to offer meat lovers a unique and unrepeatable culinary experience.

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