The Brisket milestone of the Texan BBQ, is the specialty that gives its name to our restaurant. This is the beef brisket, which, wrapped in a special mix of spices, the Rub, is cooked in the Low & Slow Texan manner.

Brisket Milano
Il locale Brisket Milano


The Brisket was born on the Navigli in Milan as a true Texan Smokehouse. SmokeHouse literally translated means “House of smoke” and refers originally to structures dedicated to smoking or to treating meat with smoke. The smoking is characteristic of Texan cuisine and to learn all the techniques and secrets, we went directly to the place.

Cucina Brisket Milano


The Brisket is our specialty, but not only! The Pulled Pork or shredded pork, Le Ribs , pork ribs in barbecue sauce, and many others. Starters include Bone Marrow , Chicken Roll , Nachos with cheddar, pulled pork and pico de gallo.
And finally desserts faithful to the American tradition: Cheesecake and Brownies in various versions.



A refined wine list that ranges from Italy abroad, like that of beers and Whiskeys. The The Brisket Milano cellar offers a wide selection of excellent labels chosen with care and attention to match our culinary specialties.


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