Il Brisket milestone of BBQ Texan, in the United States is a real religion. The Brisket or “beef brisket” is not easy to handle and therefore requires special attention both in preparation and cooking. Before cooking, the meat is wrapped in a special Rub, which is a mix of spices that every cook personalizes making it become a secret recipe.
Slow cooking at low temperatures is essential for the whole process, it can last up to 12 hours. Then the smoking takes place in special ovens dedicated exclusively to this function. Also the choice of the type of wood used for smoking contributes to giving the meat a particular aroma thanks to the essence that is released from it.
The result of this long and careful work is an extraordinary soft, tasty and succulent meat, unique in its kind, a specialty that has given the name to our restaurant.

Specialità Brisket Milano

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